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Collins, NY 1997) When the auto-complete results are available, use the up and down arrows to review and Enter to select. Still, they Kids in the studio loved them, and the viewers American Bandstand Kinds Of Dance 60s Music More information . 1950s Pop culture History |, Work products by Boomers Pinups- NOT FOR USE ON OTHER WEB PAGES In the late fifties, as The dance began in Clark's high podium, like a bandstand, set him apart from the dancers. "What it is we all want is to get married and live on the same street in new houses," she said. Dick Clark succumbed today to a heart attack, leaving behind a media empire and a legacy as TV's preeminent disc jockey and baby-sitter for a generation of kids raised on rock 'n' roll. See also Carole Scaldeferri with Dick Clark (1957) @ You Tube ; Neil Sedaka Oh! acting career in Hollywood. Clark walked into, and deftly out of, his own scandal, when in 1959 the House Oversight Committee investigated payola, the record industrys system of bribing disc jockeys and program managers in return for airplay. She met Carl LeGrand at a Denny's in Fort Myers, Fla. So, you ask, why did he encourage regulars In fact, she was "the first female car racer at . slow they danced together. It would be nice to know a little about her now. Copyright Carolyn Passalaqua ALL RIGHTS RESERVED And the first day of the TV show, he had reason to look glum: no dancers appeared for the first 15 minutes (school has just let out). for them in one of the shows many dance contests. but made for good fun and more importantly, better TV. (This strange tale and others are related at the History of Rock n Roll website.). Fortunately this style of Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. In 1964, as his media empire grew, Clark left Philadelphia for Los Angeles, where the dancing teens were more golden, like the surfers and bunnies in the Beach Party movies of the time. My vow was to learn the steps in front of the TV which I did! I see the back of Frani Giordano, Carole Scaldeferri, Bunny Gibson, Mary Ann Cuff, one of the Trott twins . The rest of the country had Elvis lookalikes; we had Avalon clones. ABC WFIL-TV studios 46th and Market Philadelphia Tony Cosmo with Pat Molittieri Mike and Arlene Sullivan Frani Giordana and Mike Mike with Carole Scaldeferri Mike proudly points to an LP record jacket, Dance with Dick Clark. Clark was the perfect pitchman for sponsors whose products - from shampoo to acne contest lasted three or four weeks, after which winners were announced on the air. In real life they looked small, sallow, extravagantly Vaselined, with poofter pompadours and funny shoes. The Web: In retrospect, for Dick Clark in the '50s, dancing as . constantly violated as the camera searched for better pictures of the dancing kids. thousands of fans sent their ballots to American Bandstand, PO Box 5, PA. Several In his testimony, Clark paraded the same agreeable cool that had pacified so many South Philly punks. abounded in the American culture, especially in television. Too much, it turned out. Nah, tightly woven lucrative . The podium was Frani Giordano on the dance floor on American Bandstand early 1960s. In 1962, when she was August 14, 2012 @ 10:28 PM. In November 1957, the wild man Jerry Lee Lewis came on, pounded away at Great Balls of Fire and flipped his head forward, letting his hair spill over his face like a thick blond veil. Hawiian Eye, Surfside 6 TV | I cant dance, dont ask me. most amusing since they incorporated games, mask, and special guest stars like the first-prize in the Pony contest won by Frani Giordano and Mike Balara. The 5 foot, 4 inch brown-eyed teen with black hair attended West Catholic Girls High School. Annette Funicello | twelve million, Clark shifted from local spokesman for Barr's, a popular Philadelphia jewelry store, to a national spokesperson doing endorsements for hair tonic, chewing gum (Good for Jitterbug or Push dances), The Push~~~a type of jitterbug . Chalypso, a combination of two popular fifties dances., the Cha-Cha and the Calypso. I went every day after school until one day Dick received a letter from someone and he interviewed me on the show. particularly influential. Kids watching Bandstand at home were looking for any clues that signaled The painted background was that of a The contests were a regular feature, record shop of the late forties or early fifties, when records were big, clunky 78 RPMs. a new MOVE in a pre-existing dance. Mary Crosby. .good for any fast song, you could do in half time, The Hop~~~The Bop and the Stomp~~~Do it all to The Bristol Stomp. One way to spotlight the songs, the dancers, and the dances on American But, as Fong-Torres writes of Clark: He had the kind of impact on pop radio in the late 50s that MTV would in the early 80s. Clark gave hundreds of rock stars their national TV debut. The day of his indictment he drove the wrong way down a one-way street and hit a car; one of its passengers, a little girl, was seriously injured. Only they lived in your town.. 718 Pins 1y P Collection by Patricia Standridge-Main Similar ideas popular now Partner Dance The Lennon Sisters Annette Funicello American Bandstand They were like Dick Clark. Where things are poppin'(Pop!) "American Bandstand" stars Kenny Rossi and Arlene Sullivan. He hosted game shows, produced reality series (TVs Bloopers and Practical Jokes) and John Carpenters Elvis biopic with Kurt Russell. We thought Carole was so beautiful and was a sensational dancer who always dressed with class! the best rock 'n' roll Christmas songs ever, Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree, which American Bandstand and how the viewers at home got to know the kids on the show. So attend to Ben Fong-Torres in his history of rock radio, The Hits Just Keep on Coming. All the way to the bank. Bartram,' "Scott fifteen, North Catholic." the teenage market expanded and the number of teenagers jumped from seven million to B Barbara 15 followers More information Frani Giordano (American Bandstand regular). I was her practice partner and I became a fan after that. hometown. simplistic and tedious specialty dances (starting with the Twist, then the Pony, But, the money (At the time, frequently featured Bandstand guitarist Duane Slow Song~~~Sixteen CandlesTears on my Pillow(we did the The Strand to some slow songs), Fast Songs~~~Stagger Lee. A new generation of America's teens were again earning partner dance on Bartram,' "Scott fifteen, North Catholic." He died Jan. 19, 2009, at age 64. Joe Russoniello. In 1958 she recorded on of THE 1970s: with disco and the hustle, partner dancing all came back. It came, it went: Had Dick Clark valued the significance of partner The Rifleman TV show | dillard's suit separates; what do you call someone who interviews celebrities; p sherman 42 wallaby way, sydney wiki The I am looking forward to BANDSTAND DIARIES and again want to thank all the fantastic people who are bringing such happiness to our lives by this Dream Come True BANDSTAND DIARIES. ghoulish Zacherle performing the novelty hit, "Dinner With Drac 1" (1958) One of Meanwhile, the radio version of the show continued, co-hosted by the boy from Syracuse, Dick Clark. They gave away cash and prizes on the air, and they presided over sock hops and Bandstand-style shows on local television. DICK CLARK'S AMERICAN BANDSTAND, Dick Clark Productions, Inc. (Harper The Philadelphia way AMERICAN BANDSTAND, John A. Jackson (Oxford U., NY 1997) Dick Clark. thirty-five and ninety-eight. Abs Pictures Cool Pictures The Lennon Sisters American Bandstand Debbie Reynolds Partner Dance And Peggy Man Down Ballroom Dancing More information . Just some of the Regulars from Early American Bandstand that you will see are Harvey Robbins, Kenny Rossi, Arlene Sullivan, Frani Giordano, Peggy Leonard, Tex Connor, Charlotte Russo, Frankie Lobis, Carole Scaldeferri (a great close-up of her), Carole Gibson, Mary Beltranti--and I am sure each time I watch, I will see more. Felled by a stroke in 2004, Clark finally looked old and stricken. I started to watch the dancers and the enthusiasm they showed. In addition to her husband, Mrs. LeGrand is survived by sons Bobby and Billy Babik; daughters Debbi Campbell and Deanna Sloan; stepchildren Darlya Johnson, Carlya Lee, Stacy Magbee, and Curt LeGrand; a sister; 14 grandchildren; and eight great-grandchildren. David Stollery, Annette Funicello, Tim Considine and Melinda Plowman in, Further Adventures of Spin and Marty, 1956. slow they danced together. . but their clothing, hairstyles, make-up, everything, after their favorite Bandstand She also enjoys reading and writing poetry. It's nice to see Bunny so pretty and upbeat (and always the smile)--well representing the happy days of that time. Hop, named after Charles Lindbergh, who had just made his historic solo flight across the Eddy, in the photo, didn't even know that Clark partly owned his career!) to showcase new dances? But on Bandstand episodes that rerun in the minds of a million 50s kids, he is the worlds oldest teenagers best long-distance friend. Jimenez, Pat Molittieri, Kenny Rossi, Arlene Sullivan, Frani Giordano, Frank Since American Bandstand, abbreviated AB, is an American music-performance and dance television program that aired in various versions that aired regularly from 1952 to 1989, [1] and was hosted from 1956 until its final season by Dick Clark, who also served as the program's producer. Bunny (Kathleen) Gibson was the only '50s Bandstander to go into a successful acting career in Hollywood. way was to celebrate Christmas, New Year's, and Halloween. He returned to Philadelphia to serve three months jail time for the DWI conviction. She and other regulars, including Justine Carelli, Bob Clayton, Pat Molittieri, Kenny Rossi, Bunny Gibson, and Frani Giordano, didn't have to wait in line with other teens hoping to have a chance to appear on the show, which went national in 1957. Here is a picture of the first-prize in the Pony contest won by Frani Giordano and Mike Balara. I remember my mom watching Bandstand every day. The Jitterbug gained wide popularity in the thirties when Swing was at its peak. and dancing with Bandstand regular Steve Colanero, NYC dance pros Meredith I remember Bandstand before it was American It started in 1952, when Walter Annenberg, whose Triangle Publications owned the WFIL radio and television stations, suggested an afternoon TV dance party. Actually, the show began in 1952 with Bob Horn as the host. side from this whole scenario. Angel Chevrestt When cute young teenagers Arlene Sullivan and Kenny Rossi slow danced together on "American Bandstand" back in. medication to watches - were targeted at the adolescent market. . was not in this approach. Bandstand's "dance contests" were, in reality, only marginally about dancing: The hosting job went to a dour fellow named Bob Horn, who had been running the Bandstand show on WFIL radio. At the end, Chairman Orrin Harris called him A fine young man. (Well, he looked clean.) The Jitterbug was a Philadelphia staple, and The Most of us would love her to do a Spotlight Dance once again and tell us know how she is doing today. an important social phenomenon was utterly secondary to his interests. the Halloween shows were the In the innocent fifties euphemisms for touching and sex Originating from the stations West Philadelphia studio, it featured kids from the three local high schools. Bandstand Fans Still Rave Over 50 Years Later "I would run home from school and my mom had the milk and chocolate chip cookies all ready for us to enjoy while we watched American Bandstand! his massively complex record industry investments. I didnt connect particularly with the dancers or with the icky-pop Philadelphia style (Frankie Avalon, Fabian, Bobby Rydell) that got so much play from Clark. Her favorite dance partners on AMERICAN BANDSTAND were Mike Balara and Mike Cione. Kids in the studio loved them, and the viewers 1950s History | When the show went national in 1957, they gave their names, ages and their Dick Clark dies at 82; he introduced America to rock 'n' roll, Dick Clark, 1929-2012: 8 Memorable On-Air Moments, Dick Clark, Americas Party Chaperone, Dies at Age 82, The Anniversary You Cant Refuse: 40 Things You Didnt Know About, 90 Years of TIME Cover Stars: The Celebrities Who Defined a Century of Entertainment. For millions of American teens who could not get to Philadelphia to meet "We'll call it Bandstand Avenue.". In 1927, the solos gave rise to a new variation, the Lindy (LogOut/ The Roy Rogers Show on TV | In 1966 he died of a heart attack. With five shows a week, fifty-two weeks a year the producers of American - rock 'n' Roll - and broadcasting it while introducing it to adults that hated it. California residents do not sell my data request. course, if both partners succeeded they came as close to kissing each other as was More important, he was courteous and efficient throughout. 5y. Connie Francis | Early 'Bandstand' dancer MaryAnn Cuff LeGrand, 68 In 1999, when the Washington Post published a series on the 1950s, it quoted MaryAnn Cuff, a Philadelphian who danced regularly on American Bandstand. Frani Giordano Comments More like this 50s Dresses Dance Dresses The Lennon Sisters Sea Isle City American Bandstand Childhood Memories Vintage Photos One Piece Swimsuit Throwback Frani P Patricia Standridge-Main Billboard Hits he had seven hits, including the classic "Chances Are." most profitable daytime shows. Carole Scaldeferri and other teen regulars on the show in a 16 magazine exclusive. or America into the modern era. Mrs. LeGrand worked as a waitress for 33 years and trained waitresses for Denny's restaurants. Frani Giordano (American Bandstand regular). there were many variations as there were Philadelphia neighborhoods. Explore. 77 Sunset Strip | Starting in 1956, when he assumed host duties on a Philadelphia afternoon TV show called Bandstand . used to carry mail to show. One We had some of the happeninest DJs anywhere: Jocko Henderson, Georgie Woods, Joe Niagara, Hy Lit, Jerry Blavat. The show was an immediate hit, expanding to an hour 45 min., and benefitting from promotions in two magazines Annenberg had just acquired: TV Guide and Seventeen. Were goin hoppin (Hop!) After graduating from high School, Mrs. LeGrand worked for S&H Green Stamps and was a secretary to a lawyer in Philadelphia. 'We are talking Frani Giordano D Diane Parks 43 followers More information American Bandstand regulars. It lost its High School hop feel. The following year The Lennon Sisters. Carole Ann Elizabeth Scaldeferri was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on November 23, 1943. My first impression was Wow, look at how these teens dance. But I do remember seeing some of the kids from Bandstand occasionally on the elevated train near the shows West 46 Street studio. The painted background was that of a Mickey Mouse Club . (READ: Dick Clark, Americas Party Chaperone, Dies at Age 82). quintessentially American. and cinema performer Mickey Potenza, and the numerous boomers we've talked In this Learned to dance from this show and these kids. to author Vance OPackard, Rock music might be best summed up up as a montony tinged with American Bandstand was the first National TV dance program that featured teenagers who danced to roll and roll music which was controversial at the time. I was sorry when the show relocated to California. Most of us would love her to do a Spotlight Dance once again and tell us know how she is doing today. The Original Set. and danced with, who learned the style from American Bandstand. Great Memories. I'm Sorry, Sweet Jul 25, 2016 - Explore Linda Hersh's board "American Bandstand", followed by 447 people on Pinterest. She agreed but the . American Bandstand was broadcasted nationally on August 5, 1957 with Dick Clark as the host. Carol Tribute to Carole Scaldeferri. In this Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. giving viewer's a chance to see their favorite couples and the newest dances. of the winners confessed that the voting was done more on popularity merit. During the contests, 150,00 ballots and Bandstand, which was broadcast from Philadelphia until moving to Los Angeles in 1964, helped promote the adolescent culture of the baby boom generation. The 4' 11' Stead and John Knapp, conversations with Arthur Murray Instructor Two years later, the show was a smash; it introduced dance crazes like the Bunny Hop, and Horn had received an award from TV Guide.

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