how to operate a side dump trailer

The dependable lifting power of your trailer, along with the sturdy sidewalls, makes it a great tool for picking up refuse on your property or at a job site. Wall heights are an important thing to consider when buying a trailer. Still time to swing by our booth and check out the 6 axle, 3 axle and our Ag trailer. But if you plan on filling your trailer with boulders and concrete rubble a bed with thicker metal is the way to go. A place on the outside of the trailer to hook straps and bungees is also a nice future for securing tarps. If you're stockpiling, turn the tractor to 12 degrees toward the dumping side before activating your switch to dump the load. Galvanizing is a process where the trailer is submerged in rust resistant chemical bath. Disc Brakes are an available option to the standard drum brake. Front and Rear Fenders - Bolt On 2 Ply Rubber - Flexible to help reducing denting and damage. Anchors on the side of the bed (instead of the floor) are nice because a broom or shovel wont snag on them and material and debris wont get hung up on them as easily when dumping. USLICCX 4 Wires Dump Trailer Remote Control Switch 12v DC Hydraulic Power Pump Unit for Double Acting Up and Down Hydraulic Controller Truck Lift Gate Tipper Trailer Hoist. We will have one on display and it is going to light up the show!!! Choosing your trailer size will be based mostly upon the kind of work you plan on doing with it. Easily Replaceable if damaged or destroyed. SIDUMP'R has one of the best trailers in the side dump market., Peterbilt of Wyoming is having an open house today in Casper, Wyoming. We recommend paying particular attention to your brakes, suspension, tires, and grease, as they often break down if not treated with care. Key Features to a Jet Side Dump-Jet's PATENTED Hydraulic Cylinders Mounts = Engineered to eliminate tub acceleration, giving the trailer a smooth, steady dump cycle. Allows for extra capacity in the tub when hauling lighter, less dense material. Tires need to be sized for your trailer. All Rights Reserved. This makes the whole operation very smooth. The larger the tub, the more likely it is that a trailer will sink into soft soil, so your ultimate choice depends on a mixture of efficiency in every load and the viability of transporting it across long stretches of fields. The core component of the trailer is its lifting principle. The Sure-Trac trailer used in the video below can also be used as an equipment trailers with loading ramps and enough strength to haul tractors, attachments, skid steers, bobcats, \u0026 lawn equipment. Another situation where a side dump makes sense is where there is another deposit of ore thats not close to the original mine site. 50+ viewed in past week. Unlike other dump trailers, there is no need for the air in the suspension to be dumped prior to dumping the load. Learn more: SLX End Dumps. Side tipper trailer Just remember that steel is heavy so the thicker the metal, the heavier the trailer. This allows taller items or more haul to fit in the back. - Jet Side Dump Trailer, A Jet Side Dump shown with optional wide base tires. *typical or approximate specification, may vary with specific options. Side dump trailers cant unload in tight spaces, and they are trendy in the Midwest but can only be used in specifically defined places. Moving processing operations would be too costly and inefficient. Tub supports are exterior and do not impede or restrict the space in the tub allowing you to haul anything that will legally fit in the trailer. Regularly checking the pressure, tread, and punctures can help determine the overall condition of your tires. The reason is that prices depend on manufacturers models, features, etc. The following query you would ask is about their prices. Engineered for stability, quality, and safety using the best raw materials and components from around the world. Brakes are usually sized with the axle so there isnt always an option for an upgrade. There are also ramps available that are built right into the tailgate which, if you plan on loading your dump with equipment on a regular basis, could be a good option . wall height, but if thats not enough you can order or even build your own extensions. Remember that the load you fill in the trailer should match the trailers capacity. WIth the quality design put into every side dump trailer, you can enjoy the stability of low riding tubs without sacrificing the volume of your loads. But thats a mistake. When stockpiling material that is not free flowing, you might be able to feel the trailer leaning and it may feel uncomfortable. The average dump trailers costs about $8,000 to $10,000. Its harder to throw or load debris (or whatever) over the sides of a deckover trailer because they sit higher. The Panda End dump trailer capacity is 30-150 tons. It is worth mentioning that there is no need to deflate the air ride suspension before unloading. The mechanism involved in a trailer is to lift and unload different materials. ^ WARNING More questions about dos and donts with your side dump trailer? So it has a greater load capacity. New to the world of hauling? Both having total of 9,10,11 axle spreads here in Nevada/Utah. Reduces overall trailer weight. Different manufactures use different types. Some manufacturers do offer disc brake upgrades. 4.4 out of 5 stars 205. There are also a ton of great products to help you get the most out of your trailer. Click this link for tips on how to properly tow a trailer. and 12,000 lbs., respectively, meaning the trailers will be strong and durable enough to handle any dump trailer uses, big or small. This could actually be a long-term money saving option because batteries usually only last a couple of years (often less), and they can cost as much as $200. Five-inch cylinders will dump more quickly than 6 cylinders. This means that every type of equipment we offer is created with unique patents for optimal performance. They often dont, surprisingly. "The Side Dump Trailer is working very well. The low clearance of side dumps makes them easy to load and handle for maximum visibility. - Jet Side Dumps, Side Dumps create windrows when dumping, a road construction necessity. Be sure to get some sort of storage on your trailer. Interested in finding out all the latest features offered by side dump trailer manufacturers today? Dont feel the need to get out of your cab to manually empty out your side dumplet our tub slap do the work for you. The 14LP Low Profile Dump Trailer from Big Tex Trailers offers ultra-low profile deck height to make loading and unloading easier than ever. Finding the best trailers for your field shouldnt be a difficult process. When deciding on which trailer to buy you cant forget about metal thickness. When purchasing a trailer, you need to check out the towing limits of the vehicle you plan on hauling it with. A side dump trailer can carry all kinds of semi-liquids. Drop legs are an option that often gets overlooked. However, an average answer to the prices is that the side dump trailers for sale are cheaper than the end dump trailers. This is the water that comes out of your taps. Whereas the end dump trailers usually carry solid material. Demco side dump trailers have the largest standard payload in the industry (26.1 cubic yards as weve mentioned before). We recommend our users to update the browser. A Jet Side Dump Trailer is synonymous with STABILITY. I can teach anyone to dump them. 1. Side dump trailers are designed to dump with the suspension fully aired up. (515) 332-3117 for a quote. When compared to end dump trailers, which dump their loads by raising the tub from the front end and dumping out the back, side dump trailers offer more safety and stability. 2023 Copyright SmithCo, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Brakes are your best friends when hauling 20,000 pounds down the highway. Haul anything that legally fits.Visit If you're a dealer, click below to view more information and download specs and sheets you may need. JLasVegasMoney posted Feb 24, 2023. To understand the capacity of the trailers properly, you will come across an example shared here. Failure to close the dump-side latches could allow the tub to slide or even fall off the trailer. Select Product Industries For construction, ag, mining and more, we don't just build trailers - we build solutions. Usually larger axles require heavier duty wheels, thicker and more studs for the wheels, and larger brakes. But keep in mind that some aluminum wheels are limited in the weight they can handle. You can spend more time loading or unloading and less time waiting. He has extensive experience in the transportation industry working with rail car for eleven years prior to joining SmithCo where he has held a range of supervisory and management positions including Production, Quality Control and Warranty. See MoreSee Less, CONEXPO-CON/AGG is well underway and it is has been an amazing show so far!! Front or Rear, Four total mudflaps for full coverage across the width of the trailer. Jet Side Dump Trailers are designed without a center divider, providing larger capacity, and have a smooth rolled tub, to increase trailer clean out, while offering options such as side extension kits, electric tarp, as well as various length and axle configurations. In the case of side dumps, that means having tubs that rest lower against the trailer bed, creating a low center of gravity for some of the most stable side dump trailers in the industry. Watch our quick video to see a side dump in action. To avoid stuck trailers and bumpy rides for every load, look for quality tire designs made to make the full transition from road use to field use. Dump trailers are ideal for building contractors, landscapers and farmers and are a great way to transport materials like sand, dirt, gravel, mulch, roofing . It works through hydraulic rams that tilt the trailer to the left or right and then unloads the cargo. Choose the best side dump trailer or end dumptrailer in the suitable material. Quad with front and rear lift shown. Well, not really. Typically mounted on the curb side of the tub to allow dumping to the driver/road side. Able to handle everything from gravel and snow to debris and trees, side dump trailers are widely used across the construction industry at large. Do check your latches. Six-inch cylinders will push with more force than the 5 cylinders, making them the right choice for certain models of trailers. Aluminum wheels are lighter weight and offer a better, longer lasting appearance than steel wheels. Some manufactures are experimenting with bed spray liners, which is really cool on the durability side of things. On the other hand, the cycle of the end dump trailer is less than 120 seconds. Its far simpler than an end dump to help maximize productivity. If you know youre going to be hooking up and dropping a trailer all the time, you should consider purchasing a hydraulic jack. However, you will encounter two types: side dump trailers and end dump trailers. If you have an idea for a customization it never hurts to ask. LAS Vegas Side Dump !! Here are your charging options: Some trailer manufacturers are now mounting gas engines that make batteries unnecessary. With the high cost of these mine trucks, plus fuel, tire costs and maintenance costs, it may not be feasible for an operation to own enough vehicles to reduce downtime. Most ramps are stored underneath the bed near the back of the trailer, but there are companies hanging them on the side of the box. It gives you an idea that at any cost, the end dump trailer capacity is greater than the side dump trailer. !. Plus, the fuel costs of hauling that payload are astronomical. Options include: Front Flaps ahead of Landing Legs with 4 flaps However, you must also maintain and repair them regularly to keep them in good condition. Side dump trailers are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment for hauling materials. The slow speed of a traditional mine truck doesnt just mean that longer distances are out of the question. There are four maintenance free tub pivots per side, with grease-free bushings and our exterior tub corner design allows for the corners to move during the dump cycle to reduce stress, fatigue and premature wear of the tub. Some manufacturers hide the spare under the bed, but this might not be the best option for those of you who live in a state where they use road salt to combat the harsh winters. Use our Find a Dealer tool to locate a dealer near you. USED 2021 Demco side dump trailer, 40' over all length, 34' tub, SAF Holland CBX23-245 Air Suspension with Integrated Axles, 21.4 Cubic Yard Struck, 5" Dia. A side dump trailer unloads its materials using hydraulic rams that tilt to the right or left side of the trailer. See MoreSee Less, The #WorldAgExpo was a great show for Sidump'r Trailer. I have used several different brands in the past and the SIDUMP'R line has fit my needs the best. What Types of Work Does A Side Dump Trailer Do? Superior Tub Design No center divider allows the versatility to haul a variety of materials and allows for an evenly distributed load. Their capacities are as follows: 44' trailer with 34' tub - 24.2 cubic yard struck. Dump Cylinder 43K# Payload @2250. You would varieties of designs in the types of dump trailers. Here are the pros and cons: Keep in mind that there are also different widths of cross-members that you can choose from: 12-in., 16-in., or even 20-in. Thats because the trailer comes with gates that could cause leakages. 2023 Jet Company, Inc. All rights reserved. Faster dump cycle designed to dump either side with wind rowing on the go or stationary. That means designs that help the trailer ride smoothly against a truck or tractor, quality steel frames that will far outlast aluminum, and innovative developments that make for better tub clean-out and less risk of tipping during transport. Here are the most common rear gate options: Mechanisms can rust shut if not used often. About . Four are optional. Designed for rear of the side dump to be picked up or pushed by a wheel loader. The metal on the bed of the trailer is always thicker than the sides because the bed takes more abuse. Also, loading a skid steer (or anything, really) into the back can be a little tough just because the ramps sit at a steeper angle. - Jet Side Dump Trailers, A Jet Side Dump works great for demolition projects. Lift kits are popular on the 1st and 3rd axles and shown in image Please contact us for alternate axle spacing and configurations. Space and jobsite is pretty much why any piece of equipment is utilized. Used. You can get dump trailers from 8-ft. to 30-ft. in length. 729 West 21st Street, South Sioux City, NE 68776 . Triple axle options include all three axles on 49 or 60.5 evenly spaced centers, or 49 centers between the first and second axle with the third axle set back 72. Air Ride Suspension and Steel Wheels Standard. The side dump trailer allows you to carry less load than the end dump trailers. A dump trailers is a relatively simple machine and is normally built like tank. Our attendance rates have improved dramatically!, I have been a longtime customer of SIDUMP'R dating back to 2003 and have always been impressed with the concept, speed and strength of the trailer. The 6,000 lb capacity dump trailer requires at least a 1/2 ton . Dont assume a 5-year warranty will cover everything for five years. See MoreSee Less, Sidump'r Trailer is excited to have the very first 6 axle trailer brought to market at CONEXPO-CON/AGG. The innovative design of each Demco side dump means that each trailer comes built with a large single rail, resulting in a system with greater, lighter strength than other two rail systems that handle tubs. So lets guide you. The capacity differs when you compare the side dump trailers with an end dump trailer. A high-side dump trailer is one with huge and tall sides. Learn side dump trailer maintenance tips and why prioritizing service and repair is essential in extending your trailer's lifespan. Demco side dump trailers have the largest standard payload in the industry with up to 26.1 cubic yards of capacity. . New trailers can be ordered with tall side walls, or you can buy removable extensions. Recreational vehicles typically come with three tanks, located on the underside of the RV, to keep things running smoothly. An engine would also be ideal when making a bunch of back-to-back dumps where there is not enough time for the charger to keep up. 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