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We will go deep in the markets where we already have a strong presence, and we will selectively enter new growth markets. Visit our Press Room to find our press contacts, reports and publications. Some high-profile Adidas brand ambassadors who wear the iconic three-striped hoodies Kasper Rorsted: Its certainly a challenge to find and keep good local employees, especially in emerging markets. Every time I come back from an extended business trip I ask myself if we have the right team in place in the region. Of course, were against the war. And for us, the cost is more important than the competitive aspect of it. always come first. And there are certain elements that are very closely related to sport. There are certain things that are nonnegotiable, you know, discrimination, hate crime, a child labor, and discriminatory, you simply can't accept that. Rorsted: I believe that someone who has always stuck to safe and familiar territory usually wont know how to react when the going gets really tough. American sports fans. With the assistance of two Harvard Business School professors, in 2009 we asked ourselves what it would take to implement our goals and our strategy. How do those determinations get made? We developed it ourselves in recent years, and it creates transparency for all managers. Kasper Rorsted: Because Henkel is a global and diverse company, it's crucial that we all have a common understanding of what strong leadership means. Rorsted: No, I think it will and it has to because frankly, the industry is under such scrutiny. Always happy to forgo formalities such as invariably wearing a jacket, Rorsted, originally from Denmark, started his career in the computer industry. Kasper Rorsted: I was in no way aiming for a break with the culture of the company, but I did want to succeed in initiating a quick and thorough transformation. The Muma College of Business Thought Leader Series began in 2018 to attract nationally Before joining Adidas, Rrsted was the CEO at Henkel from 2008 to 2016. 178 nationalities. I think that part of the reason is social media is bringing a transparency and also a news flow out that was never there before. Doesnt the substance play a major role as well? He held a series of management positions at Oracle and Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), as well as at Compaq, where he headed up the companys European operations starting in 2001. Rrsted started Do consumers really want this? Rorsted recently shared his views on his tenure at Henkel and the companys plans for the future with McKinseys Klaus Behrenbeck. This creative atmosphere helps us engage and interact with our customers more deeply. Tell me more about how Henkel came up with that product line. Kanye West Gives Adidas CEO Kasper Rorsted The Pete Davidson Treatment By Also Declaring Him Dead On Instagram Armon SadlerContributing WriterInstagramTwitter September 1, 2022 Kanye Westhas. Egon Zehnder: What specific steps have you taken to set this evolutionary change in motion? To date, we have trained more than 1,300 sustainability ambassadors, and more than 6,700 children in 23 countries have attended a sustainability session. I believe that over time employee satisfaction and identification with the company will grow because everyone will be clear on who we are and what we want. of innovation, being committed to sustainability, and leading a company where people We redefined our vision and values, simplifying them to make them easy to remember and more applicable on a global level. And every year you're going to have you know, a new, I would say disruption, whatever we want to call it. And if you cant do that, you cant be there as an employee. And that's why we also making collaborations, as you said before, even with competitors of ours. Strong competencies in digital transformation, leadership development, sustainability, and global business trends. We needed everyone to understand the core messages. If you continue, you will be taken to the alternate language home page. Second, [we have] a relentless . But on Black Lives Matter. He focuses on building relationships with his team and even drives them to become a healthier individual. Best Debt Consolidation Loans for Bad Credit, Personal Loans for 580 Credit Score or Lower, Personal Loans for 670 Credit Score or Lower. And as long as we can deliver a product that doesn't compromise on performance or price to the consumer, eventually the consumer will be very open. Welcome to the official Facebook Page for Kasper Rrsted. Will you continue to do that? McKinsey: Is there anything else youd like to share with our readers? Germany. All rights reserved. he said. Rorsted: You know, I spent a lot of time listening to make sure that I really understood the situation at the appropriate level. What we do need, however, are structures that offer more flexibility to both our male and female employees, for example allowing them to work from home. On 22 August 2022, it was announced that he would hand over his role as CEO 2022. in the region with housing, food, clothes, and other basic needs. the third speaker in the University of South Florida Muma College of Business Thought Rorsted: It was mostly the intellectual challenge of succeeding in a sector of which I had only a rudimentary grasp at the time. Rrsted wore a grey hoodie, jeans, and the beta version of the companys 4D running And as a company that stands for something positive energy, sport, you know, team we really want to make sure that that problem is tackled to the utmost. So successful that the Adidas supervisory board voted last year to extend his contract through July 2026. So first, it was a costing issue, then you had a scaling issue around it, which you always do around your new products, if you take this or you take this which was made to be remade, where we completely recycle all the elements of a shoe and build a new shoe on it. Member of the Board of Directors, the Nomination Committee, and the ESG Committee. said. Rorsted: There can be a number of reasons. Sign up for free newsletters and get more CNBC delivered to your inbox. When you think about ESG, where do you think it's going? announced that he is not running for re-election and is stepping down from that role than 800 patents with most innovations inspired by an athletes needs. Making it clear to everyone that we dont want to discard company traditions, that we value them, but at the same time that we need to break new ground was a major challenge, not only for me, but for the entire Management Board. Look, if you make mistakes, recognize the mistakes and correct them and move forward to make certain that you correct the mistakes. Egon Zehnder: What do you think of a mandatory quota for women in management the subject of heated debate in Germany? So that has changed. Rorsted: And we do that also, we have pulled the plug in the past. Where do we see ourselves in five or ten years? The company has 62,285 employees worldwide, with 2,500 retail stores in over This is why we held workshops on our sustainability strategy for 2030. We do that in part by investing in their development. So in summary, those are my key tasks as CEO: get the strategy and the team right. We see faster decision making, faster information transfer. industrys first fully data-driven shoe that combines athlete data and 3D printing. As CEO, I believe that a primary task for me and the management board is to shape Henkels growth strategy and clearly communicate it to all employees. That taught me a lesson: if you just administrate, you sink; if you take an active role in shaping things, you have the best chance of survival. With this new facility, were expanding our production capacity in one of our fastest-growing emerging markets. We have adjusted to continuous change and know that we have to keep getting better. Coming out, obviously against hate, and in support of Black Lives Matter. would resume. We have just established a Digital Council to coordinate Henkels digital activities, develop a digital vision through 2020, and explore digital opportunities for our businesses. Furthermore, I am certain that if I were to tell our managers tomorrow that no changes would take place at Henkel for the next three years, no one would believe me. Sometimes its that easy: simply talk to people. He works closely with numerous family entrepreneurs and management on, Intergovernmental & Multilateral Organizations, leadership team throughout the entire organization. Egon Zehnder: Where does this liberal-minded approach come from? to use the American pronunciation of "Ah-DEE-dus" or the European version of AH-dee-dahs. Sara Eisen: Welcome, Kasper, it's so great to have you at our Evolve conference. In his youth he was a member of the Danish junior national handball team. He held a series of management positions at Oracle and Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), as well as at Compaq, where he headed up the company's European operations starting in . Video. That would have diluted their effectiveness from the very start. Our global leadership team is aware that they will be assessed on the basis of their leadership conduct. I do think that its important that the industry will and can do this, but somebodys And I think and I don't mean this disrespectfully, but to European companies, maybe also due to regulation, has tended to be ahead. The sportswear giant announced today that its supervisory board extended the appointment of the executive chief for another five years. who will ask questions to steer the discourse of the Q&A-style discussion. 62,000 worldwide, with 2,100 retail stores in over 50 countries. . what they stand for. This makes Henkel one of the most internationally oriented companies with German roots. We have set the ambitious target of generating 20 billion in sales by 2016, 10 billion of which we expect to come from emerging markets. We are also stepping up our IT investments in order to standardize and accelerate our global processes. It isnt enough to pay well; you have to offer people a career path, including international job rotations and unique opportunities. Continuity and strong leadership . Get this delivered to your inbox, and more info about our products and services. Get the strategy and the team right: An interview with the CEO of Henkel. Kasper Rorsted: To succeed in the highly competitive consumer-goods environment, we need both a management team that reflects the diversity of markets in which we operate and the innovation capabilities to address a broad range of varying consumer needs. our products, and if theyre not wearing them, were building our products wrong, Skip Over Breadcrumbs and Secondary Navigation, Adidas CEO Kasper Rrsted Talks Owning the Game and Sustainability at USF Muma College "Kasper . McKinsey: On the topic of getting the team right, how do you recruit and retain the best peopleespecially in markets where the Henkel brand is not so well known? In 2011 Henkel reported sales of 15.6 billion and an EBIT of over 2 billion the highest in the companys history to date. He says it was his career's worst setback, and he blames getting fired on his bad attitude and confrontational style of leadership. Eisen: What's the most difficult challenge you laid out? Egon Zehnder: Of your 47,000 or so employees, more than 80 percent work outside Germany. points from the prior year. tickets, visit: usf.to/adidas. Advisory Council, serves on the Nestl board alongside Rrsted and was instrumental But of course, you don't change the world overnight. I think it drives change, it drives responsibility. The stock slumped as much as 6.9 euros, or 4.2% . It drives transparency to ensure that you need to do what you're doing. Experience as global CEO and board member in listed international companies in IT, consumer goods and chemicals. Egon Zehnder: You clearly contemplated the possibility of failure when you consider a candidate today, do you also look at how they have dealt with setbacks or personal failure in their careers? Good to see you. Where do you see room for improvement? It was a very can-do attitude. ET) is produced at CNBC's global headquarters in Englewood Cliffs, N.J., and includes reports from CNBC News bureaus worldwide. Companies need to make a cultural shift to measuring performance based on employee output, not hours spent in the office. Egon Zehnder: There is often a large distance to bridge between formulating a set of values and achieving a corporate culture which is an active expression of these values. A January 2020 profile by the German newspaper Bild offered some interesting tidbits into his routine. How would you characterize that change? And once we recruit them, we have to retain them. Rrsted served as a senior vice president and general In performance appraisals, leadership conduct is taken into account just as much as the numbers.. We have been able to achieve everything we have set out to do. So he or she speaks on behalf of the company. Remaining consistent predictable even in our resolve helped us to build trust in the leadership team throughout the entire organization and beyond. Apple, who made an appearance in 2018. And we've also seen that, you know, consumers while they say they're willing to pay for sustainability, eventually, they want to pay the same for sustainable products on unsustainable products. Of course, very vocal on some of the racial issues around George Floyd. What do you miss? Everything from how you interact in political issues to how well you take care of your employees, diversity and inclusion. And of course, a critical part of my role is to make sure Henkel has the right team in place. He also believes the company should stand up and address This allowed us to define our three strategic priorities: achieving our full business potential, focusing more on our customers, and strengthening our global team. In 2021, the company released the Stan Smith Mylo, a vegan version of its iconic Stan McKinsey: In 2013, Henkel began a global rollout of a new leadership-development program. Rrsted said collegiate partnerships such as the one with USF help the company reach manager at Hewlett-Packard from 2002 to 2004, and in various management positions On the subject of social justice, Rrsted told Footwear News in June 2021 that he believes its important to acknowledge differing opinions and Eisen: Are we going to pay more for it? I think that that's where you got to be very careful and say you can't come in at every single situation all the time. Its leaders shows respect to their employees by protecting their jobs, challenging them, and supporting them in their efforts to improve. He also Rorsted: If we look, we really see sustainability being an integral part of our business model. Rorsted: The challenge is not to have a quota or not, but addressing the underlying issues. We expect that in 2016, 12 of Henkels 20 highest-revenue countries will be in emerging markets. the co-founder of Netflix, who spoke in 2019, and Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Kasper Rorsted: When I joined the company, Henkel had about 1,000 brands. Kasper Rorsted, who has been Adidas CEO since 2016, will step down sometime next year, and the search for his replacement has begun, the sports footwear and apparel brand said Monday. Adidas CEO Kasper Rrsted, 60, leads one of the largest and oldest athletic wear companies in the world. And I think we've made a tremendous amount of progress. Of course, a Management Board member cant assume the role of the supervisor, but we do have to be a visible presence to our management talents and show that we value them. Rorsted: Thank you very much and great to be here. Rrsted said for the past seven years, the company has produced products with an increasingly Rorsted: I personally believe that you can only be successful in the long run if you keep asking yourself what can be done better and where potential is still hidden. Adidas has announced that Kasper Rorsted will step down from his role as chief executive in 2023. And I think respecting those different opinions is very important that we don't have a uniform opinion right now. recognized speakers, innovators, idea generators, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, He is also a person who notices footwear. Rorsted: Diversity management is one of the issues at the top of our agenda. If the internal processes dont align, if we arent offering our young people the right development opportunities regardless of their gender, then a quota wont fix the problem. Egon Zehnder: Listening to you, the change process seems very straightforward and simple. When I walked in, I saw a lot of opportunities here, he joked. annual report. This website is maintained by Muma College of Business. Kasper Rorsted, born in Aarhus, Denmark in 1962, launched his career in the IT industry after completing his MBA at the International Business School of Copenhagen. During a Q&A session following his presentation, USF student-athletes asked Rrsted The company formerly owned the Reebok brand, and the sale of Reebok And I've been very vocal on this topic since last summer. I am convinced that we need this diversity; its a competitive advantage. sustainable by 2025. In those markets, we will aim to gain more top positions with our strong brands while increasing profitability. For me, that is one that has such a devastating impact on the entire environment. I think this mindset is the key to success. TAMPA (March 31, 2022) --During a wide-ranging informal discussion before a sold-out But we keep our communications as transparent and clear as possible, and everyone knows our strategy and our targets. What did you mean by that? Kasper Rorsted is married and has four children. Egon Zehnder: And how can you be certain that you have made the right decisions? For a very long time, Stella McCartney said we're going to make a non-leather Stan Smith shoe. I believe one of my strengths is that Ive never sought security. By the way, I do the same: whenever I travel, I visit stores and talk to consumers. Its interesting that you are talking about people. But I think it's a very different job today than in 2008. In a 45-minute presentation, Rrsted talked about the companys strategy of becoming The company has pledged to make nine out of every 10 products sustainable by 2025. of Business Thought Leader Series. Rorsted: Our first step in 2008 was to conduct in-depth benchmarking against our competitors and hold detailed discussions about our goals for the future. Skip Over Breadcrumbs and Secondary Navigation, Kasper Rrsted, CEO of Adidas, is the Muma College of Business Thought Leader Series But we stayed firm and didnt let ourselves get derailed by obstacles. We now employ about 47,000 people from more than 120 nations, working in more than 75 countries; over 80 percent of our employees work outside Germany. I thought working from home would have taught deal with Adidas. All of our employees are individuals and we must always keep this in mind. McKinsey: Speaking of your IT background, what role do IT and digital technologies play in Henkels corporate strategy? Theres still plenty of room for improvement. You cannot run a global company from your desk. in the IT and computer industry. humanitarian aid to refugees and childrens charities, as well as supporting employees So probably what we see right now, with all the volatility, is going to continue. And today we're making pretty much the same margin on this one as on a normal shoe. Rorsted: I always tried to combine it with my regular visits to our markets, just like I always want to meet our high potentials in each country when I am there. Innovation is what our company is about. shoes. Last year, to present our growth strategy for 2016, the management board and I visited 28 sites in 22 countries. and authors in business and industry for informal talks that cover a wide range of Kasper Rorsted Wiki/Biography Kasper Rorsted is a Danish manager who has been the CEO of German sportswear firm Adidas since 2016. Henkel has set ambitious sustainability goals, including what you call Factor 3a threefold increase in efficiency by 2030. That was a key influence. a controlled lab environment. 3 talking about this. And for them, it's a very important, you know, criteria. In 2021, women made up 37% of executive leadership roles, an increase of 2 percentage They visit schools and hold sustainability classes. So, I do think that we are getting the credit. Kasper Rrsted was 42 years old when he was fired from Hewlett-Packard in 2004. So the workshops were always moderated by the immediate supervisor, who in the end is responsible for implementing the measures. On the other hand, I welcome the public debate it has finally brought some progress in this area. CNBC at night features a mix of new reality programming, CNBC's highly successful series produced exclusively for CNBC and a number of distinctive in-house documentaries. Rorsted: I believe we have one of the best evaluation systems in the industry. And we're a sports company. Eisen: What about China? The Muma College of Business Thought Leader Series began in 2018 to attract nationally Since 2018, Rrsted has served on the board of directors at Nestl, but the company McKinsey: What are your plans for mature markets? If we succeed in sustainability or when we also succeed as a business, he said. Got a confidential news tip? Last September the company organized its second global By 2016, we expect this number to be 60 percent. Rorsted: Communication may not be everything, but without communication it all comes to nothing. This also gave us the courage to stick to our goals and decisions even when things got tough. You were constantly understaffed. The majority of consumers in the personal-care sector are female, so why should our products be developed and marketed by men? I eat with employees in our canteens whenever I am traveling or here at headquarters. We need reliable childcare solutions that allow both parents to work at the same time if they so choose. Thats why I spend around 170 days per year abroad, meeting employeesfrom top executives to young high-potential individualsas well as customers and business partners. My board-member colleagues and I are also in regular contact with 200 to 300 high-potential employees at Henkel. And then of course, you said yourself, you know, aggressive targets. If we do not expect to win in a market in a reasonable period of time, we will exit that market. So that's where you see maybe somewhat, you know, of an awkward partner and coming together, but for us really succeeding in sustainability is more important than, you know, competing with each other. So how do you deal with that, which is even tougher in some ways? Adidas is the largest sportwear manufacturer in Europe and is headquartered in Herzogenaurach, McKinsey: It seems you spend a lot of time talking not only with consumers but also with employees. McKinsey: You mentioned the role of your strong brands. This is the advantage of clear and simple values they can be measured. Hence, Henkel has one of the youngest management boards among European public companies, and all the members of the management boardaside from mecame from within Henkel. got to take the lead and we want to be the leader in sustainability.. Now we are down to less than 400, and yes, theres still potential to focus further. Kasper Rorsted: I am convinced that a visible and accessible leadership style is most effective. But I think that's also part of being a CEO in these days. So we have to place a higher priority on the recruitment and professional development of managers from Russia, the Middle East, and Asia. 2022 Worlds Most Admired Companies. So successful that the Adidas supervisory board voted last year to extend his contract If I had failed I could always have returned to familiar ground, after all. Rorsted: I believe its important to be transparent and consistent. But this you know, Stan Smith, and our relationship with him is 50 years old, strong as ever. Kasper Rorsted is a Danish businessman who currently serves as the CEO of Adidas, the German sportswear firm. But we actually welcome everybody that's taking a step forward. It was great fun., On being a digitally enabled company, he said, At the end of the day, we sell cool Smith tennis shoes made from a mushroom-based leather. And we will continue centralizing functions in shared-service centers. This system works very wellaround 80 percent of managerial positions at Henkel are filled through internal promotions. The network's 15 live hours a day of news programming in North America (weekdays from 5:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. Michael Meier is head of the firms Family Business Advisory in Germany. Speaker on March 31. The German sportswear giant says that it has opened its search for a replacement, with. Right now we have done a recent survey, 70% of our consumers prefer to buy sustainable products. Henkel is active worldwide in three business sectors: Laundry & Home Care, Beauty & Personal Care, and Adhesive Technologies. You are switching to an alternate language version of the Egon Zehnder website. Taking care of what you inherited is very important, Our guiding principle is that we treat everyone fairly, but not everyone the same. Tampa | St. Petersburg | Sarasota-Manatee. in April. Rorsted, who heads one of the largest athletic wear companies in the world, will be Anytime we travel, we arrange informal breakfast meetings or roundtables with them. empathic, calm and a strategic thinker. And I'm not saying that we agree to all of them, or I personally agree to all of them all the time. seema silberstein net worth, dean ambrose return to wwe 2022,

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