Sacred Sites

The objective of the Sacred Sites project is to examine historical and religious perspectives of three religious sites that are sacred to Jews, Muslims and Christians.

The IHJR publication, “Sacred Sites in the Holy Land, Historical and Religious Perspectives” explores shared legacies of Jews and Muslims, offering religious and historical accounts on Al Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount; Cave of the Patriarchs/Cave of Machpelah: Sanctuary of Ibrahim/Ibrahimi Mosque and Kever Shmuel/Nabi Samu’il. The IHJR anticipates that these narratives will contribute to the understanding that the sites are significant to these faiths. The Institute seeks to promote further research and dialogue on these and other sites and regions with disputed historical and religious legacies.

“The overall aim of this report is to encourage tolerance and understanding by familiarizing both sides with the narrative of the Other, while also working towards a common narration of the histories and religious significance of holy places in an area and time of heated conflict in which some of these sites are major symbols of national strife.” Read more …