Palestinian Refugees of 1948

In Zoom In, Palestinian Refugees of 1948, Israeli and Palestinian authors collectively explore the contrasting perspectives on memory and remembrance through an innovative approach. Palestinian and Israeli university students are presented with a catalogue of period photographs from 1948 and then asked to provide their personal impressions. These individual reactions are then analyzed by the scholars, providing a multi-perspective commentary and analysis that underscores the urgent need for building greater understanding for the common history of this region. The book is available in two editions: English-Hebrew and English-Arabic.

β€œIt is a major achievement to have brought together these conflicting and conflicted voices within the pages of a single book. Photographs of Palestinian refugees in 1948 elicit responses on the part of a new generation of Israelis and Palestinians that testify to the difficulties of coming to terms imaginatively and morally with an historical injustice that is still ongoing. For all who need to know that memory both informs and blinds, and that without recognition of the sufferings of others there is no forgetting, this book is a must.”

β€” Professor Ann Rigney, Utrecht University