Current Initiatives

Contested Histories in Public Spaces: The IHJR initiated its Contested Histories in Public Spaces project in August 2016 with an examination of the Golden Coach controversy in The Netherlands. The project explores responses by governments, corporations and academic institutions to complex historic legacies with the intent of identifying best practices and potential guidelines. The recent controversies over Confederate statues and monuments in the United States underscore the timeliness of these issues (… read more)

About IHJR

Institute for Historical Justice and Reconciliation

The Institute for Historical Justice and Reconciliation (IHJR) works with educational and public policy institutions to organize and sponsor historical discourse in pursuit of acknowledgement, and the resolution of historical disputes within divided communities and societies. To this end, the IHJR engages scholars, public opinion leaders and other stakeholders in convening conferences, seminars, debates, and joint research initiatives designed to address unresolved historic legacies. Since 2004, the IHJR has conducted multi-year projects in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. (… read more)


The IHJR is pleased to publish “Thinking About Historical Legacies,” by Charles R. Conn, the Warden of Rhodes House at Oxford, and the CEO of the Rhodes Trust and the Rhodes Scholarships. IHJR books, monographs and occasional papers are available either online or in hard copy. (… read more).