The International Advisory Board is a consultative body of eminent professionals who provide guidance and assistance to IHJR projects and programming. The IHJR is appreciative of their generosity of time and expertise.

Timothy W. Ryback is Director of the Institute for Historical Justice and Reconciliation, and former Deputy Director-General of the Académie Diplomatique Internationale in Paris. He previously served as Vice President and Resident Director of the Salzburg Global Seminar in Salzburg, Austria. Dr. Ryback has published extensively on the complexities of unresolved historical legacies for The Atlantic Monthly, The New Yorker, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal, among others, and is author of several books dealing with the National Socialist era. Dr. Ryback has a doctorate from Harvard University.

Marie-Louise Jansen directs the IHJR’s Contested Histories in Public Spaces Project that is organised in cooperation with All Souls College at the University of Oxford. She previously worked at the Salzburg Global Seminar where she held diverse positions including director of the Holocaust Education and Genocide Prevention program, director of alumni affairs and administrative director and director of development of the IHJR, which was founded at the Salzburg Global Seminar.

Olivia Durand is a historian working in the field of comparative settler studies and global history. Currently a postdoctoral fellow of Freie Universität Berlin and has a DPhil from the University of Oxford. Co-founder and director of Uncomfortable Oxford, a public engagement with research organisation, active in the UK and beyond since 2018. Durand is developing the Contested Histories Toolkit for Critical Tours and its associated video tutorials, Euroclio and the Memory Studies Association.\

Gabriella Lazzoni is Senior Advisor for the Institute for Historical Justice and Reconciliation and is active in both the private and public sectors.  A lawyer by training Ms. Lazzoni, served in the office of the Commissioner for European Regional Policy and Institutional Reform at the European Commission in Brussels and was responsible for new diplomacy initiatives at the Académie Diplomatique Internationale in Paris.

Monique VanLandingham is Senior Advisor for the IHJR Contested Histories Project with extensive experience in the public, private and nonprofit sectors. Monique served in several senior capacities at the U.S. National Parks Service, including national manager for public-private partnerships, legislative affairs specialist, park Superintendent, and as an interpretation ranger.  Previously, she
managed stakeholder outreach and engagement for the U.S. Board on Geographic names, served as a legislative aide in the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate, and was an editor at the Salzburg Global Seminar.

Katria Tomko works as a researcher, research supervisor, and database developer at IHJR. Her interests lie at the intersection of identity and security in the post-Soviet space. She is especially passionate about the prevention of conflict over issues related to historical memory. Katria has worked on issues related to security, accountability, and sustainable development at Hivos and the OSCE – High Commissioner on National Minorities. She holds an MSc in International Relations (University of Amsterdam, NL) and a BA in Government & Law and Russian & East European Studies (Lafayette College, USA). Her work and studies are complemented by a decade of volunteering with development and human rights initiatives in Ukraine and its diasporas.

IHJR Researchers: The IHJR is grateful for the engagement of university students from Harvard University, University of Oxford and Erasmus University Rotterdam, who generously assist in project research.