EuroClio, the European Association of History Educators,  is an umbrella association with more than 70  educators’ associations and organizations dealing with history, heritage, and citizenship in Europe and beyond. EUROCLIO was established in 1992 on request of the Council of Europe. Since then, the organization has been engaged in a large variety of issues related to the learning and teaching of history. A special focus has been on countries in political transformation and in particular those with inter-ethnic and inter-religious tensions, in particular Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Romania, Russia and Ukraine. It also worked in regions that have experienced recent violent conflicts such as Former Yugoslavia, Cyprus, Lebanon, and the Caucasus. The work has brought together hundreds of historians and history educators to share experiences, to implement innovative learning about the past, examine sensitive and controversial issues as well as creating new and inclusive historical narratives.

IHJR and EuroClio
In January 2014, the Institute for Historical Justice and Reconciliation entered into a strategic partnership with EuroClio, matching their complementary missions to promote the responsible use of history education as a tool for conflict prevention.  Through the partnership, the work of the IHJR was integrated into teaching materials available to history educators in EuroClio’s membership network.  In July 2016, the IHJR formally joined EuroClio’s organizational structure.

For further information on the IHJR’s relationship with EuroClio, please contact EuroClio Executive Director Steven Stegers or IHJR Director Dr. Timothy Ryback